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Sophisticated Appellate Representation

Some cases present inherently difficult facts or require arguments that are a ‘first impression’ for a court, making an appeal is necessary. This is a very complex assessment, as an appeal is expensive and risky. Often, you may have no choice. You do have a choice of your attorney and the right attorney can help you plan and prepare for appellate situations.

At Humphrey Law PLLC, we offer strategic and sophisticated counsel regarding appellate litigation. In addition to handling our own clients’ appeals, we advise other attorneys with the appellate procedure, as well as during trial if an appeal is likely.

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Developing Case Strategies with A Long View

We are also trial litigators, which provides us with the foundation for understanding the importance of creating a well-developed trial record, which provides the grounds for an effective appeal. When making novel arguments or proceeding at trial with the knowledge that your case may not receive the outcome you want, creating a rich record with the correct objects made can allow for a successful appeal. With a poor or underdeveloped record, your appeal may stand little chance of success.

In our cases, we always plan our case with an eye to the potential for an appeal. This places our clients in the strongest position at trial, as it signals to other attorneys that we are aware of the issues that are most problematic or questionable and are ready and able to bring an aggressive appeal.

This can help us achieve both a favorable decision with the judge or jury or force opposing counsel to make meaningful settlement offers to avoid the risk of their losing the case.

Strategic Appellate Law Advising

Another service we provide is advising other attorneys regarding appellate strategy for particularly difficult or high-stakes cases. Our experience with these cases and issues for our clients allows us to provide insightful counsel and meaningful second-chair support in appeals in state and federal courts throughout Texas.

If you do not regularly practice in the courts of appeal in Texas, we can assist during the trial and during the appellate stages, if necessary.

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Appellate law is complex; determining if you should appeal is even more complex. Call our Houston office or use our online contact form to set up an initial consultation.