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Wrongful Death Attorney in Houston, Texas

Justice for The Victims of Wrongful Death

When another individual or entity’s negligence contributes to a wrongful death, the family wants justice. You may need compensation to cope with aspects of the loss, ultimately you want justice. You want the negligent parties held accountable in recognition of the life lost and an accounting of the damage they have caused. In addition to the grief of losing a loved one in a traumatic fashion, the surviving family members must also navigate the difficulties of the insurance claim and wrongful death lawsuit processes.

At Humphrey Law PLLC, our attorneys have the experience to assist you with the technical legal requirements of the case, but we also have the compassion you need. We are trial litigators and we represent many individuals with catastrophic injuries as well as the families of those who have suffered a wrongful death.

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Some of the wrongful death accidents we have handled include:

  • Car accidents

  • Commercial vehicle accidents

  • Workplace accidents

  • Industrial accidents

The tight deadline and strict statutory requirements of wrongful death lawsuits make it imperative to have an experienced trial attorney on your case. We are deeply experienced with all aspects of personal injury litigation, including complex appellate matters. Whether litigating your case in a lower court or appealing it to a higher court, we are aggressive in protecting your interests and helping you recover compensation.

The Details of Wrongful Death Claims in Texas

Because of the stakes, wrongful death lawsuits are some of the most complex personal injury lawsuits. To have an actionable case, your attorney must be able to prove that:

  1. An injury contributed to or caused someone’s death, including that of a fetus.

  2. The cause of the accident was another person or entity’s negligence.

  3. The deceased person would have had a case for a personal injury lawsuit if they had survived.

In Texas, only the victim’s spouse, adult children or parents may file a wrongful death claim. If one of these people does not file the claim within three months of the victim’s death, then the personal representative of the decedent’s estate can file the suit.

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